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Start Selling

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Exclusive Discounts

Access to special discounts and promotions for retailers.

Early Access

Get early access to new product launches and collections.

Marketing Support

Receive marketing materials and support to help boost your sales.

Customer Service

Dedicated customer service team to assist with any queries or issues.

Flexible Ordering

Flexible ordering options tailored to your business needs.

Product Training

Access to product training sessions to help you sell effectively.

The Ordering Process

About Ordering

At our online store, customers have the flexibility to choose between prepacks or selecting individual units of our products. Here's how it works:

  • Prepacks: Customers can choose from our prepackaged sets, curated with popular items.
  • Individual Units: Alternatively, customers can select individual units of specific products according to their preferences.

We introduce a new catalog every year, and tailor our prepacks according to current trends and item popularity.

Automatic Discount

Once your shopping cart reaches a minimum order value of $300 MSRP, an automatic 50% discount will be applied at checkout.

This discount allows you to conveniently purchase inventory without having to sing-up or use a discount code on every purchase.