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Since 1994

We have collaborated with Canadian retailers and pharmacies from coast to coast. Our mission is to become the premier destination for affordable watches by offering a wide variety of styles that customers love, all at affordable prices.

Over the years, we’ve gained valuable insights into pharmacy customers, and developed our offerings accordingly :

  • About 70% of our models cater to women, 20% to men, and 10% to children
  • Ideal price point of MSRP $25.00 and under
  • Large selection and clear product presentation
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Daniel David

Daniel David watches are characterized by their stainless steel cases, easy-to-read analog dials, and comfortable PU leather bands. Their styles are made to inspire elegance and underline professional traits.

MSRP $21.99 & under

Retailer Program

We've developed the ideal solution for retailers to sell watches in their stores. By taking their customers' preferences into account, we aim to make the process simple, quick, and cost-effective for retailers.

MSRP $25.00 & under

The ideal price point for pharmacy customers based on over 20 years of experience

Retail-ready Packaging

The most time-effective and customer-friendly packaging solution

Affordable Displays

The most important sales factor starting at only $25.00 cad

Large Selection

Over 100 SKUs across our 4 brands, available at all times and with a new catalog every season

Product Packaging
Tower Display


Our displays create a unique space for your watches, and our product packaging makes browsing easy for customers.

Together, they provide a seamless experience: the displays attract more attention, while the clear boxes offer a 360° view of each product, giving customers all the information they need at a glance, ensuring clarity and confidence in their choices.


Improve your Customer Experience

Enhance the shopping experience for your customers with high-quality watches that meet their expectations.

Expand your Product Offering

Diversify your inventory with our extensive range of watch styles, catering to a broader customer base. Watches are always trending, and we strive to make sure our styles match with your customers' preferences.

30-day Guarantee

30-day satisfaction guarantee or money back policy on all orders following the delivery date.

Large Selection

Choose from over 100 models on hand at all times. Our four brands ensure we have a wide-enough range of styles to suit every customer's taste. Our continually growing catalog ranges from minimalistic and fun watches to professional, iconic styles and even digital models.

Competitive Pricing

We maintain an optimal price point of MSRP $25.00 and under across our four brands. We emphasize keeping prices below this threshold because we understand it is the ideal range for watches, balancing profit margins with your customers' willingness to purchase.

Fast Shipping

All orders are shipped within 48 hours.

Drive Sales with our Presentation

We’ve carefully designed our packaging and displays to capture customers' attention and encourage browsing. By continuously optimizing our product presentation from start to finish, we aim to maximize our retailers' watch sales.

Easy Ordering Process

Enjoy our easy online ordering process, where retailers have full control over the selection. We trust our retailers to make the best choices, as they know their customers and their preferences best.

What Our Customers Say

Great quality and price. These watches are great quality and are priced just right for our community. Love the wide selection and they're selling great.


Pharmachoice Drug

Reviewed on: April 29th, 2024


Great product!!


Super Thrifty

Reviewed on: May 16th, 2024


Good prices fast shipping.


Vashon Ace

Reviewed on: December 2nd, 2023


Great quality and price. These watches are great quality and are priced just right for our community. Love the wide selection and they're selling great.


Pharmachoice Drug

Reviewed on: April 29th, 2024


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